Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A field of fleas ;)

I coach all 3 of my boys' soccer teams. There are always the pros (it is fun; I get to hang out with the boys; good exercise) and cons (LOTS o'attitude!) with each of the teams but I have to say that the most amusing of all the teams is definitely Oliver's! I like to think of them as a field of fleas (or a bunch of drunk college students- all doing their own "no logic" thing). This past weekend, we had our first "game", which included a 20 minute practice session that included both teams and was run by some young AA soccer players that the league hired. Despite the teeanagers' great intentions and energy, I think that they lost the kids at "kick your ball with your RIGHT foot".... none of the kids had any idea which foot was the "right" foot and just thought it was hilarious. They also seemed to think that it gave them permission to kick at everything (the grass, the flowers, each other.... oh yeah- and the ball) with both of their feet... at the same time even.

Disclosure:  I have to say that the same thing happens when I am coaching them (even when it is not about their right feet) but it is much funnier when I just get to watch ;)

Happy week to you all! xox

What trouble can I get into now? ;)

With your RIGHT foot... no, that is the WRONG foot... I mean LEFT foot.... I mean..... ;)


  1. They know what they do and left or right it is so irrelevant! LOL
    The football is very big when you're five!

    1. It is very big and full of interesting flowers ;)