Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers' Day

Yesterday, my sweet boys spoiled me with lovely gifts for Mothers' Day. I am blessed for the love that I have in my life.... even if they make me crazy some days.... like now.... because we are doing homework.... ;)

I hope that all of you who are mothers at heart were well-celebrated xox

A Nicka bookmark!

A beautiful card and necklace from Alexander

Love it!

Coloured carnations from Nicka

Paper flowers from Oliver

A very personalized card from Nicklas :)

Nicklas didn't want to leave his father out ;)

A flower made with Nicka's hands (PS: he is our crafty kid) ;)

From Oliver (with a little help from his daycare teachers) ;)


  1. Such wonderful gift - your are soon spoiled. :-)
    I loved when the boys gave me homemade gifts :-)

    1. I love homemade gifts... it is so exciting to see what the boys did and I appreciate the effort :)

  2. What are you treated with gift the boys made themselvers. Those are the cutest!
    This year, even my youngest son made no present at school :-(

    1. It will be a sad day for me when they no longer make presents.... Maybe I will make a rule in the house... no "bought" presents ;)