Sunday, May 3, 2015

Montreal colours

When the warm weather starts, Montreal becomes a city filled with outdoor terraces, bright murals, festivals, street parties and colourful expressions of love for the city. Montrealers (or montrealais/montrealaise) just love to be outside, enjoying the nice weather. We now live in the 'burbs, but I used to live downtown and still love having the opportunity to walk around in the city. Last week, I had a meeting at another hosptial and I happily had the chance to walk there. Here are some glimpses of Montreal colours....

Wishing you all a great Sunday!

Excited for the nice weather

Even the sky decided to be colourful

Colourful mural

Good graffiti

Some of the not so good graffiti ;)


  1. Its an awesome time of year and so its warm enough to start wherein sandals. :-D
    Your town is looking beautiful :-D You should visit Odense in august, where alt the "planteskoler" are showing of there skills in the center of the town.
    meby I bing my camera the year, so you can se it. :-D

    1. I will definitely try to visit Odense... I feel ashamed to say it but after 4 years + living in DK, I never made it to Odense... :P It is my loss!
      I wish you sandal weather soon! xox