Saturday, May 9, 2015


I have been teaching university for 15 years and one thing doesn't change: I am a sucker for punishment ;) Despite the warnings of my colleagues, every year I manage to set up assignments that I believe are important but are a pain to correct! SO... where have I been these past 2 weeks? I have been buried under a mountain of papers that needed correction!!!!!! Missing every possible deadline for grade submission, I get looks of sympathy and ridicule from both colleagues and administration... (Disclaimer: they are getting used to it... and so am I) ;)
Will I do this again? Yes. Why? I absolutely hate multiple choice exams.... As a student, I hated having to write them. As a prof, I still hate having to write them. I hate correcting them. I hate the fact that I know that the majority of students are guessing. I hate that they do not reflect actually KNOWING the material....
So, in the mean time, my deadline of deadlines is Monday so I shall see you soon... my pile of what I have left to correct is getting smaller and smaller... :)

Wishing you all a great weekend... and wishing myself an army of "graders" in the future ;)


Corrected (small pile) vs non corrected (big pile)

Travelling? NO... a means of getting my papers home :)

New discovery... standing while correcting ;)

Pile is getting smaller :)