Friday, November 23, 2018

Mean mother.... the #2,478,392 edition

According to my kids, I am responsible for putting poison on their feet, heads, hands and backs. It is a poison so terrible that they automatically recoil in horror when I bring out the offending items. It is a poison so terrible that their friends look at them with pity. What is this poison? you may ask. Just because I love you all, I will give you the secret answer: temperature-appropriate clothing ;) That is right! I am so mean! How dare I give my children temperature-appropriate clothing to wear? ;)

Every morning, the conversation starts like this:
"Mamma, do I have to wear my jacket?"
"And my hat and gloves?"
"Because it is minus -10C outside."
"But it is so hot out....."
Seriously.... this is what they say. It is hot outside. No, boys, it is -18C with windchill. No one would ever call that hot. PLUS, I will also get you to put your snow pants in your school bag... just to rub it in ;)

It is the same fight all the time. Alexander has tried, on numerous occasions, to sneak out of the house with a hoodie... just a hoodie... when we were in the middle of a snowstorm (and we have had a few of those lately but that is another story).. and without gloves or hat... or boots. Nicklas and Oliver freak out when they see their winter jackets... and even more when they have to actually put them on. See, it is like poison. Then the game turns to "how little of my jacket do I actually have to let touch my body?", which means jacket wide open and off the shoulders. In my universe, at least the poison jacket is on (yes, I pick my battles) and the ever menacing snow pants are in their school bags, so I am satisfied.

Hats, gloves, scarves and boots.... mmmmwwwwaaaahhhhhaaaaaa.... sheer poison! ;)

Happy Friday to you all from this terrible and mean mother!

See... poison... they even come with a warning label ;)


  1. I can't even begin to express how much I can relate to this blog post! We live in Canada. Duh? Ben has refused to wear his winter jacket that I bought last year for him. He wears this rain jacket with a hoodie. Miss you guys. xox

    1. AND we are repeatedly told how uncool we are for insisting on wearing jackets. Sorry! I like to be warm ;) Miss you too! xox

  2. Der dukker nogle erindringer frem på nethinden.
    Lærredssko, strømper der ikke er synlige, stumpbukser, stumpbluse så navlen er synlig og sidst en jakke der er så kort, at der er 10 cm. bar ryg, når turen foregår på cykel. Det var bare en beskrivelse af min datters vinterpåklædning da hun var teenager.
    I dag er hun selv blevet mor, og taler om fornuftig påklædning. Svært når faderen stadig går med bare ben. Ved godt det er Danmark jeg taler om, her er jo ikke så koldt som hos jer, men...
    Et trøstende ord, den gift du planter, vinder, når de selv sender deres eget guld ud i verden.

    1. Nice to know that it is teenage girls as well ;) xox

  3. Ha ha ha I clearly remember those arguments every morning. :-D