Saturday, November 10, 2018

Birthday dinner for Alexander

Last night, we took Alexander out for dinner to celebrate his upcoming 14th birthday. You can absolutely see the "taste" evolution with age: he asked to go to an "all you can eat" sushi restaurant, as compared to the nacho restaurants that he used to request ;) Also, as a teenager, please note the "all you can eat"... that is an important detail ;)
For some reason, it is a bit more strange to be the mother of an almost 14 year old than it was when he first hit the teenage years. He just seems much more "man-like" this year. Maybe it was the football? Maybe the fact that he is almost a head taller than me? Maybe that he has the shadow of a moustache? Maybe that his voice is deep and foreign-sounding? Maybe that he hangs out with friends that are at least 6'3"? Maybe that he grunts more than he speaks?
Anyway, it was a good dinner (I LOVE sushi) and I was proud to be celebrating my first-born... Happy pre-birthday dinner xox


  1. Hjertelig tillykke til og med Alexander ������������������������������������
    Selvfølgelig skal det være “all you can eat”, hvilket vi danskere også kalder konceptet ��.
    Jeg mindes den tid hvor min søn var omkring 14 - 15 år. Husker min søn fik en 50 cm lang hotdog ��������
    Jeg får så stor lyst til sushi ����

    1. Tak, Karin! 50cm hotdog! I am sure that would be on Alexander's wish list as well ;) Sorry to give you a sushi craving ;) xox

  2. Happy Birthday to Alexander. Hi sure is getting more a man than a boy - and I cen sure se the growth both in expression and muscles (arms) than way back in Legoland.
    W always went on all-you-can-eat-restaurants when our boys was at that age, other wheels we had to get double up on everything :-D

    1. All-you-can-eat restaurants are a life saver! We ordered a very big plate of sushi and waitress was impressed that Alexander could finish it ;) God weekend! xox