Sunday, October 14, 2018

The strangest Saturday night...

Last night, I had appointment to get an MRI done at our local hospital. Apparently, the evening MRI sessions are fairly ordinary because the technicians have to be there in case of emergency anyway. So, rather than just having the machines and technicians sit there, routine non-emergency MRIs are booked fairly late in the evening. Despite the procedure sounding pretty drastic, I only had it done for the same arm/shoulder injury that I have since February. 
Anyway, let me tell you that it was the strangest Saturday night that I ever had... and I had some pretty strange Saturday nights ;) Firstly, there is a lot of construction going on in Montreal. This means that I had no idea on how to get to the hospital and was faced with a bunch of detours that made absolutely no sense and took about 45 minutes more than it should. Secondly, the hospital was dark and deserted, which made it look really creepy. It is not the building itself because, on a normal day, I sometimes go there for work meetings so it is pretty familiar. When it is dark and empty, I totally don't recognize it anymore. I think that, from the parking lot to the actual imaging department, I must have crossed the path of 4 people (and 2 of them were cleaners). 
After having arrived late because of the detours and random traffic because of nothing, I found myself in a dark, abandoned looking waiting room with 3 other people. The only reason why we knew we were in the right place was a sign which essentially said "You are in the right place. Please don't leave." Hmmm.... reassuring ;)
The night only became stranger when I was asked about metal plates in my head and pacemakers in my heart. The technician then asked me to put on a very fashionable gown and blue slippers that were very suitable for my meeting with the "alien pod". This was my first MRI and, honestly, I could have sworn that I was making contact with distant extraterrestrial worlds. About 5 minutes into the procedure (which already felt like 5 hours), I had to stop myself from laughing because it was too freaking strange. They had strapped me to the "bed" and put some funny looking headphones on me to "block out" the most bizarre sounds that I ever heard. I would not have been surprised if I was only there because some alien had recruited me for some spacey experiments.
After the 2 week 20 minute procedure, the weird sounds finally stopped and I was allowed to come out of the machine. I said happily thanks and good-bye to the technicians, one of whom I was sure asked me about how I liked life on Mars ;) The place was as deserted on my way out as on my way in (actually, it was more deserted because the other 3 people who had initially waited with me had left already). Although I had taken absolute care to park as close to the elevators as possible (so I could find it again), it seemed that my car was much further away than I had remembered ;) Decidedly, this was one of the most bizarre Saturday nights! I wonder if my test results will include a Martian letter of rejection ;) 

Hope you all have a nice rest of the weekend xox

So many people ;)

Don't be too jealous of my fashionable outfit ;)

OK... a bit creepy...

Usually, there are line ups in front of the elevators!

Where is my car? ;)


  1. Thanks! I came home and started to tell Andreas about it but he fell asleep ;) So I wrote it as a blog post and now you are stuck with it ;) xox