Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Starting today, marijuana is now legal in Canada. Apparently, we are only the second country in the world to have legalized marijuana (after Uruguay... go figure). I have to say it is kind of funny how people are so panicked about it... after all, we did legalize alcohol again in the 1920's (in Canada... and excluding PEI) and survived that... relatively speaking. Anyway, as much as I agree with the legalization, I did not have the urge to join the 5 million people in line to buy pot.... nor do I think that I will in the future (Disclaimer: I will, however, continue to buy wine... a lot of wine).
Although we have been talking about the legalization for what seems like forever, it still was a bit funny to see one of our local "pot boutiques", or the SQDC (see:, open up and ready for business on my way to work today. Seriously, yesterday, it was just a storefront with paper in the window. Today, it seemed to be the most popular place on earth... not just because of the patrons that lined up around the block but because there was most known news sources- from Canada and international- parked in front of it and literally every second person was carrying a microphone for interview purposes.
What do I think about it? I support it. Would I use it? Most probably not. Am I worried for my children? Knowing my sons, if people my age go in there, it cannot possibly be cool. Am I good with that last concept? Yes. The only one thing that kind of bothers me is that I have to admit that I am not cool ;)

Happy October 17th... an eventful day in Canada.... xox

The LONG line up... funny that there is a chip truck parked nearby ;)

The SQDC... I think "pot boutique" sounds better ;)


  1. Blev vi bedt om at stemme for eller imod, vil jeg stemme for.
    Kender til det at leve sammen med en alkoholiker, og ved derfor hvad alkohol kan gøre, og hvor farligt det er.
    Som ung mente jeg cannabis/marihuana skulle legaliseres, hvor i mod de hårde stoffer skulle der slås hårde ned på. Den holdning har jeg stadig.
    Dejligt at i går foran, og spændende om de SQDC er den rette løsning.

    1. I agree with you! Now let's see what happens here... I think that some of the hype has died down already ;) xox