Saturday, October 27, 2018

Ten random autumn facts

Today is post #899. Can you believe it? Even though it has been slow lately, I am having as much fun in Blog Land as I did at post #8 ;)

Here are my ten random autumn facts:

1) Autumn is always bittersweet for me... I love the crisp air, wearing cosy sweaters, fresh apples, the golden tone of the sunlight... but, knowing that winter is up next, I get a bit sad at the same time.

2) Marijuana has been legal in Canada since October 17 and we still have long line ups outside the stores..

3) Due to the line ups mentioned in random fact #2, we are facing a Canadian "Pot Predicament", meaning that the stores are literally running out of stock. Seriously ;) We couldn't see that one coming ;)

4) Hallowe'en stresses me out. The boys are never organized, never know what they want to dress up as, never know who they want to go out with and, if they finally figure it out, the evening always results in me driving to 50 different pick up/drop off locations and having to listen to fights about candies. Can we just skip it? ;)

5) One of my favourite fall activities is to walk through piles of leaves. I did it as a kid... and still do it now ;)

6) It makes me sad to put away our trampoline. It is always a good place to send the boys when they need to burn off steam!

7) I could never figure out why Quebec's mandatory winter tire law is from December 15 until March 15. I mean, does the person who made up this law actually LIVE here? Really dumb!

8) Speaking of winter tires, we just had them put on one of our vehicles. The other is has an appointment for the change. I am a bit neurotic about tire changes.

9) The older I get, the more I appreciate my slippers ;)

10) Today, at Nicka's football game, I found myself making a mental note to buy some of those hand warmer things.

Happy Saturday evening to you all xox


  1. Replies
    1. It does! The light is so golden and rich. Stay tuned for my miserable winter pictures ;) xox

  2. Jeg er vild med farverne fra efteråret, gerne de farver der fremtrylles i højt klart vejr. Punkt 1 og 5 er spot on.
    Vinterdæg, godt du har fået dem på iflg. en opdatering på IG fra i går. :-) - Her i DK er der også kommet sne flere steder, dog ikke lige her hos mig.