Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What to do on a rainy day...

Unfortunately for the boys, on their first day of summer holidays, it is raining... so we are taking it easy at home. Oliver has decided that banging his remote control car into his bum is the best thing to do when you are stuck at home in rainy weather. Alexander is watching football with Andreas and Nicklas is trying out new worlds on Minecraft (that is for another blog post). I am spending this morning making some earrings (both for me and others)! Easy to do and they look pretty good, if I have to say so myself ;) Add a cup of coffee and, voila, mother therapy day!
Have a good one!


  1. Wauw thery ar lookink funcky and I think you had a fab time making them and you enjoyed a bit time for your self. :-D

    1. It was lots of fun... and for some reason, the boys weren't into making earrings ;) Thanks, Catarina :)