Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sleep over party

Alexander had a sleep over party tonight. He was so excited to go... Imagine! A party that lasts until tomorrow! ;)
I have to say that I always am less excited. Alexander is at the age where he will be staying over at friends' houses more and more. It is a part of my son growing up. Maybe that is the part that I like less... I always miss him when he is not around. So what do I do? I just drive him.... and let him know that he can ALWAYS call me, if he wants to come home, and I will come to get him. No questions asked. I hope that he keeps that message in his head for the future:  he can always call me when he feels uncomfortable (or drunk or in a car with a drunk driver) and I will pick him up... no questions asked.
Thank goodness he is not a teenager yet! I don't think that I am ready for that one ;)

On our way to his friend's house... big boy in the front seat :)


  1. Hi hi, its not easy to accept that our little boy are growing up. Now mine has passed the teenager stage and we didn't have any problems of any kind with them and the always called so we could pick the up when the where out. Now they are men and where ever the go everybody says that they are so well behaved and they are. I clap my self on the shoulder and in my mind saying "well done Catarina". :-)

    1. I hope that I may pat myself on the shoulder some day too, Catarina! Good job to you! It is always inspiring to hear good stories of boys growing up :)