Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cosy boys

We have a pretty small house in a split bungalow style. Funny thing is that we don't really use half of it... When we first moved back from Denmark, coming from a one bedroom flat of 68 sq. meters, this place seemed SO big and we mostly lived on the main floor of the house. There are 2 bedrooms up on the main floor and 1 more bedroom (+ the option of building in a second = presently it is a playroom) in the "basement". I put basement in quotations because it is mostly above ground, with full size windows so it is very bright and airy. At first, Andreas and I had the main upstairs bedroom and Alexander had the room across the hall from us. When Nicka old enough to leave his crib, we moved him in with Alexander and the 2 of them had happily shared that room since. After Oliver came along, we had him in our room with us and figured we would eventually move the big boys downstairs in their own room and Oliver could have the room across the hall. (Hope this is not too confusing!)
Anyway, reality has now set in.... none of the big boys want to move downstairs yet... so all THREE boys decided that they wanted to camp out together in the same room!  Needless to say it is cosy, but they all are really enjoying it. Who needs space anyway? ;)

The Boys' Room

Alexander has the top bunk and Nicka is down below

Oliver's corner

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