Monday, June 23, 2014

Last day of school :)

Today was the last day of school for the big boys. They are SO happy for their upcoming summer holiday! It was not just them, though. You could really tell that everyone was getting into summer holiday mood: there was almost no traffic, no cars in the parking lot, lots of people in the coffee shop and a nice, relaxed vibe in the air. I took advantage of the last day of school to go into work and get organized for my shift to working from home. We're all home now, catching up on all the World Cup games so good evening to all :)

Andreas' pride and joy

On the last day of school... these are very happy boys!

Oliver, not really wanting me to take a picture of him ;)

Ahh... a much needed double espresso allongé....

I have never seen the parking lot so deserted before :)

A bit of green along the way to work

Yes, I have the worst Birkenstock tan on my feet :P

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