Saturday, June 14, 2014

The best part of soccer...

.... is popsicle time :) Especially, when it is chocolate!

It was a pretty quiet day today as there was only one game in the late afternoon (Alexander). It was nice to catch up with the mothers at the field- both on our team and on the opposing ;) We rushed home to watch Soccer World Cup (England vs Italy). Let's just put it this way: the boys were happy with the result. Andreas and I, not so much ;)
I took the boys to the park this morning and Andreas surprised me by doing a good house clean. Tomorrow, Oliver, Nicklas and I are all playing and then we will do some brochettes on the BBQ in order to celebrate Fathers' Day.
I am making a cake now and the boys are excitedly getting their handmade cards ready to give to Andreas in the morning.
Good night to all!

Oliver and his favourite food :P

Nicka with his popsicle

Alexander nicely posing, even if he was mad at me... you think girls are tempermental?

Sorry, England. I had faith ;)

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