Thursday, June 26, 2014


This summer, I am working from home AND the boys are with me. Summer camp is pretty expensive and, frankly, the boys really wanted to have some time "off". The deal is that, every morning, they will do their swimming lessons at a local pool. This will give me the chance to catch up on my work reading. In the afternoons, while it is hot out anyway, the boys can unwind with their tablets, work on reading/math or play quietly outside. I can then get some more stuff done. When I need to go into work, Andreas can do a similar shift. Anyway, that was the theory. Today, we put it into practice and it actually kind of works. The only thing that put a stick in the spokes was the Germany vs USA football game and that was my fault ;)
Tonight the big boys play soccer so I am hoping that this will equal an early night for them all! Have a great rest of the day :)

PS: Tomorrow, Marmar Copenhagen is having a BIG sale in their online shop! I plan on making a visit :)

Hanging at the pool...


Chilling out.... Go, Germany!

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