Friday, June 6, 2014

Saved by the pizza!

Two years ago, my New Year's resolution was to seriously limit the amount of fast food that we eat as a family. It has been a fairly easy resolution to keep. The biggest help is to be organized, to plan ahead, and have a few options handy. One of my saviours is pizza.... I make the dough (see recipe here) ahead of time in big batches and store it in the fridge for a quick dinner or lunch. It is also a life saver then the boys have friends over! I make an easy sauce with crushed tomatoes, fresh basil and spices, then add on whatever meats I have in the fridge and top it off with cheese. Andreas loves tuna pizza so I make that too. A recent experiment was tuna with pesto (instead of tomato sauce... I ran out!). It was actually pretty good. In all, with the dough already made, it takes about 25 minutes, including cooking/cooling time! A pretty healthy meal and the boys like it!

Pizza dough, straight out of the fridge!


Pesto with tuna and onion

Plain cheese


  1. Homemade pizza is always good and I got cheep points ind the "momy-book" when i served it. :-)

    1. Exactly! AND you get to use leftovers from the fridge ;) Happy Friday to you!