Monday, June 30, 2014

Lego theme for the boys' room?

Well, Lightning McQueen, I am sorry but I think that we need to give the boys' room a face lift. Lightning has been the theme since we first moved in here so time for a change! Since Lego seems to be the favourite toy of the decade, it seems to be safe to use that as a new theme for the space.
I want to use lots of bright colours, pick up some great handmade posters from Etsy and reuse some of the existing pictures that they have already in the room (collage, maybe?). Over the summer, I'll plan on spending a day or two painting the room- the boys can choose the colours- and getting it fixed up. I'm also thinking of some Lego sculptures from Alexander, aka Lego Master, in a place of honour :)

Here are some Etsy posters that I have been eyeing..... :)


  1. Touse are rely cool posters and I think the boys are gonna love to have them in there rooms. :-D

    1. Tak! I am actually really looking forward to redoing their room now :)