Monday, June 23, 2014

Oldies but goodies...

I have an old friend that I managed to catch up with on Skype today. You know the type of old friend that, after 5 minutes of catching up, it feels that you just saw them the other day (even if it has been weeks). I met O in 2001 and he has had a big place in my heart ever since. He knew me before I moved to Denmark. He knew me before Andreas. He knew me before the boys. He knew me before I had finished my PhD. He knew me when I had less grey hair. He decided that Andreas was perfect for me. He was one of the first to meet my newborn baby boy. He helped Andreas and I move into our first flat in Denmark. He has welcomed us into his flat when we visited Denmark. He has approved of my blog. He has been my friend. Tak min ven! Jeg elsker dig!

Boy, we looked half decent when we were young ;)

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