Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I know that, with this blog, it seems like I never work and you know I totally agree that it looks that way ;) Anyway, not to bore you all with details, I would like to share a few good things that happened on the work front.
Andreas and I just had our second "collaborator" paper published. You know the whole science "publish or perish"? Well, it is true so it is nice to get some work out. Yes, I know that it is funny that Andreas and I work together too :S
Today, I gave a talk at a local cancer wellness centre (my research experience is in oncology). It went well and the participants asked a lot of questions. They also gave me a lot of important insight into their needs and how to better understand how to work with this patient population. It was a small group and very cosy. Very different dynamics from teaching.
In a few hours, I have a parents' meeting for the big boys' school. We're even going out for dinner together! Almost like a night out ;) I'll take it!
This is one of the last weeks of school for the boys and just before the vacations start to happen at work so it is a bit chaotic. We're in the middle of following both the summer schedule (with all the soccer) and also the day to day part!  Everybody needs to meet about everything NOW! I am looking forward to doing more of the below (see picture) ;)

Good evening to you all!

Ahhhhh.... :)

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