Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My ideal kind of vehicle...

I just came back from Oliver's soccer practice. Although we had a technical practice (ie: it was run by a real, professional coach), I still feel that I would do better after 15 cups of coffee. That seems to be the speed needed to work with 11 4 year old boys ;) Anyway, looking back at some old pictures that I had collected over the years, I found this one. It is my perfect, ideal vehicle. I can drive anywhere AND get my 15 cups of coffee at the same time!!! I wish that I could remember where I got it from so I could give the photographer proper credit. In light of my lack of information, I can just say that it is an old photo that I did not take (duh!). Gevalia is a Swedish coffee (very good, by the way) and the truck is just pure brilliance!

Good night to all :)

I wonder if it is self serve.... ;)

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