Saturday, June 7, 2014

Summer heat

Today has been a very warm day (almost a little too warm) and it is expected to be the same again tomorrow. Having said that, I will NEVER complain this year because I can still remember the crappy winter! SO, in light of the temperatures, I will post a memory.....ugh!

Please don't take it personally, Mr. Snowman!


  1. Just as I saw the photo (before I read the text) I thought that you had sow again :-D
    I love summer and sunshine and I log that I can spent all that time outside without having to put so much clothes on. :-)

    1. Haha! No more snow, thankfully! The temperature is nearing 30degreesC so, instead of complaining, I have to remind myself how good we have it now! I am like you; I love summer and being able to wear sandals/shorts! Hope you have a great Sunday :)