Monday, June 9, 2014

Ped days and baking cookies

The boys are off today from school and I am home with them. After listening to them complain how we never have any "cool" food in the house, I tried a new recipe for oatmeal cookies (found here). I used this one because, to be honest, I didn't have enough butter but lots of canola oil ;) Alexander and Nicklas really liked them. At first, Oliver was angry at me and didn't want any cookies because I didn't give him the right bowl (blue, the exact one that Alexander had... and yes, he is 4). After a while, he gave in and decided that maybe another blue bowl would do. PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS THE EXACT SAME BOWL AS ALEXANDER BUT, SOMEHOW IT WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH  WHEN I HAD FIRST OFFERED IT TO HIM... maybe I am lacking in 4 year old logic! I think that he just couldn't resist anything that his brothers were happily eating :P I guess that you can all figure out how my day is going so far!
Today is beautiful and, after lunch, we'll go to the park or something... Good day to you all!

Sticky dough!

I guess that I could have been a bit more artistic in assembling these cookies ;)


Nicka's verdict: thumbs up!

Alexander's verdict: thumbs up... especially in a blue bowl :P

Mad Oliver

Deciding that the cookies were worth taking another blue bowl... ugh!


  1. Sitting with a big smile and thinking, that you and your hubby properly are going to scare a bottle of vine tonight. :-)

  2. Those cookies look yummy! Might have to try them! Boys can be just as fussy as girls I see! Hehe!

    Marie x

    1. Hi Marie! Boys are terrible too ;) Especially this one.... good thing he is cute (haha)! Nice to know that it happens with girls too!