Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Things the boys like to do :)

Having 4 men in my life also means that I have to appreciate what they like to do, what their interests are. Here are a few pictures of the latest adventures....
Oliver likes to read Andreas' Swedish DIY magazines... seriously, they have become his favourite thing. It is not like he just flips through them either; he spends time on each page and comments on the pictures. He even takes the magazines to the toilet with him ;)
Alexander had a track and field meet with his school today. He ran the 100 and 400 m races in the 11 year old category (even if he is still 9). He did super well... 6th place out of 11 boys. Good job, sweetie!
Nicklas loves summer because his favourite thing in the whole world is popsicles. Quite the connaisseur too.... it can't just be any kind of popsicle! With the Cosmic pop, he is a very happy boy.
Andreas is growing his own coffee plant and, yesterday, he roasted his own beans and brewed them. Not bad at all.... Soon, I figure, he'll move us all out to a plantation somewhere ;)
Hope  you all had a good Wednesday!

Oliver with his magazine

This seems to be his favourite issue.... review of the best lawn mowers??

Getting ready to race!

Popsicles = good life

Coffee from Andreas' very own plant!

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