Sunday, June 29, 2014

Feeling hot, hot, hot :)

** Disclosure: I am NOT complaining... I still remember winter!

Today and the next 3 days are expected to be in the 30degree C ++ range. While I am enjoying the heat, it makes it a bit difficult to get up and go ;) Yesterday was busy (playing soccer games, coaching soccer games and birthday parties) and today will be even busier (playing soccer games, coaching soccer games and more birthday parties).

I have figured out that Oliver already knows how to push my buttons ;) I used to think that I was a bit obsessive/compulsive about dirt, dust and garbage smells. This kid is me X 1000. He will obsess over the *smallest* spot on the carpet, one that I had never even noticed. The smell of a CLEAN garbage bag bothers him... I am in trouble!

Happy Sunday to you all :)

What are you looking at? ;)

Mr. Blue Face

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