Friday, January 16, 2015

Snow Ninjas

Even though the majority of my family would prefer to be in sandals right now (maybe not Andreas because he actually likes winter), we all have to make the most of the season that we are in. After dropping the boys off at their school yard yesterday, they decided to spend the day being snow ninjas. I didn't really like the stick that Nicklas found (he had to put it back into the woods after the picture- boring mamma!) but they looked really sweet with their new hats on. Probably "sweet" is not a good ninja description word but, heck, I am allowed ;) I watched their ninja moves (and those of the other boys that had joined in) until the bell rung and they were called into school for the day...

Happy day to all :)

It is a good morning for ninja training

Watch out for snow ninjas

Nicka Ninja
This ninja is happy to get back into the car and have her coffee... ;)


  1. I préfère sandales aswell, but rather snow than all that rein we have at the moment. ;-)

  2. Oh, that first coffee in the morning :-))
    They look like well educated ninjas. What is it with guys and be tough and fight ;-)

    1. Thank you! I ask myself the same question every day!

    2. The stone age still works by. Someone should tell them ;-))