Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ready for fun

I dropped Alexander off at school today and, as fast as I could try to kiss his cheek, he was off. Absolutely excited to find his friends (and, until Friday, room-mates), he took off for the "meeting" so that they could plan, strategize and scheme all the fun possible! Although, like I wrote in my last post, the mother side of me isn't a fan of having him away (a feeling that was shared by many of the mothers of children in Alexander's class), I know that he will have a great time. He was definitely ready for fun.... as were the rest of the class!

By the way, I did manage to whisper in his ear (so his friends wouldn't hear, of course!) that he should use the washroom before getting on the bus. One part of my mother side was satisifed that I did my job ;)

Wishing the children a great trip.... and a great day to the rest of you :)


  1. What are they actually doing?
    He looks very happy and excited!

    1. It is 3 days in a sort of lodge, designed for outdoor activities. This trip is a grade 5 tradition at their school (the second to last year of elementary school). Children in high school still talk about this trip ;) Sort of a rite of passage into their senior year. The kids are ready... the parents? Not so much ;)

    2. We bought him some new skates for the trip... he is excited! Plus he gets Pappa's big backpack ;)

  2. Hi hi, you sounds just like me when ours went off for a trip, and even today I'm just like that and they dont mind, cause I told them, that that is how mothers are, and that for the rest of there lives. ;)