Friday, January 2, 2015

Absolutely lovely....

Today, I opened my mailbox and, tucked between the adverts, was a lovely package from my blog friend Ageeth! What an absolutely lovely surprise- thank you so much! This is one big bonus about blogging- you meet super nice people from all over the world!

Ageeth: could you please send me your address? The one on the envelope wasn't so clear... it must have ended up blurring in the cold ;) I have been sitting on a little something for you too :) Don't worry- it is NOT snow!!

This package really made my day! xox


  1. That envelope has been on the go for a while ;-)
    The card with the cars and the sun is for terrible snow periods. To remind you that Spring Is Always Coming.
    I love to create and send mail and I'm glad it makes you happy :-))
    I will mail my address but you are under no obligation!

    1. Please do send it! No obligation.... it will be so fun!
      I appreciate the reminder that spring is coming... some days, I really need the happy note ;)
      Thanks again!

  2. Happy and joyful new year to both of you :)

    1. Tak, Brinja! Wishing you the very same :)