Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A few moments

Today I am working from home, which always allows me more time to do "stuff" because I am not stuck in traffic :) I just wanted to post some remaining pictures from this weekend: Oliver at his first basketball practice (yes, seriously), cupcakes that I made for Nicka's class (yes, seriously, again) and happy boys at Nicka's birthday dinner! By the way, I don't just feed them deserts... they did eat a dinner too ;)
Besides being able to post some pictures, I was also able to vacuum the living room and catch an episode of my latest addiction on Netflix. Although I am not usually a "binge" TV watcher, there is something about the series Broen (link included) that is kind of addictive. When you add a cup of coffee, it is a great way to spend a working "break".
The postman brought the first of 2 Lego wall decals that I have ordered. I am going to redo the little boys' room with a Lego theme. Maybe Alexander, the LegoMaster, is just a little bit jealous? ;) Anyway, they have the only room that I have never done anything to so they are next on the list. I am excited!!!! I am planning to start this weekend, if I have a chance between the boys' social events!
Yes, it is still winter out so no comment about the weather at the moment ;)

Happy day to all!


  1. Oliver seems so small with the big ball and his large shirt. I hope they have lower baskets ;-) Nice photo!
    I think they really eat only desserts, at the look on their faces ;-))
    All the sweet looks delicious. I imagine that there is sugar on the trees!

    I can not deal with really scary things since my first pregnancy.
    We enjoy old episodes of House with the two eldest boys.

    Good luck with the bedrooms! I'm curious.

  2. Ohh, what a small boy for the oversize T-shirt. ;-)
    Og så ser de der kager da bare helt fantastiske ud, jeg kunne let sætte tænderne i en eller to lige nu :-D

    1. Haha! It looks like a dress on him ;)
      You are always very welcome to come by for cupcakes... I'll make coffee too!