Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ice storm

We had lots of snow last night, which turned into rain today. Problem is that the temperature was supposed to go up to 6 degrees C but it didn't get above -1! There is ice absolutely everywhere; the roads are a skating rink and everything is covered with a layer of ice... including all the trees and power lines! A similar thing happened here in 1998 (on January 4 as well... imagine!) and many people were without electricity for over a month. The city shut down for a good week... very strange to be walking downtown Montreal and it looking like a ghost town! Here is a brief trailer for a National Geographic documentary about the storm:

Anyway, although around 92,000 are without power now in Qu├ębec, I hope that it won't get any worse. It is still raining.... ugh! Bummer is that the holidays are now over and we will all be stuck in the morning traffic, sliding along ;) Welcome to Canadian weather! Wish us luck!!!

Here are some photos from today:


  1. Frightful! Take care and let us know if you and yours are allright!

  2. Wauw, its rely a violently inveryment you have at the moment - take care and dont brake any limps. :-)