Monday, January 26, 2015

My talented husband

Andreas is a man of many talents: when he is bored at basketball practice, he makes funny pictures of our children. He also makes some pretty mean Semlor**..... and he sometimes buys spring flowers for me so I don't totally lose my mind during the winter... That is why we keep him around ;)

**Swedish lesson for the day: Semlor are very traditional Swedish buns, filled with cream and marzipan. This is the time of the year that they are usually served. Swedes go nuts for them... almost as much as for crayfish (aka kräftor) in the summer time. Despite my non-Swedish status, I do a good job at eating Semlor.... I make my husband proud ;)

This post has not been sponsored by the Swedish Tourism Bureau but has been approved by Andreas ;)

Good night all! XOX 

Oliver as Harry Potter!?!


The boys being very Swedish ;)
Ahhh... I cannot wait until Spring!


  1. Ahh, fastelavnsboller hedder de på dansk, og ja, det er vildt lækre :-D Flot at Andreas kan lave dem og endnu flottere at I alle spiser dem. :-D Indimellem er det godt at have en mand i huset. :lol:

    1. Haha! Du har so ret ;)
      I didn't argue when he suggested to make them ;)

  2. PS. Ask Andreas to put a bit of marmelade/jam in the often of them, before he put the marzipan in - thats also very good. :-D

    1. Ooooo... Vi vil prøve at gøre det! Tak for tipsen!

  3. I love Oliver's Viking shirt (and his spectacles and bow tie - look at my blogpost of today)!
    Please sent some Semlor ;-)
    Tulips are one of my favorites (and a kind of Dutch).
    Your post makes me smile and keep the husband!!

    1. I had to laugh when I saw your blog post :) Semlor are on their way to you... if you can send some more tulips. AND I'll keep the husband ;) xox