Sunday, January 25, 2015

Running around and date night :)

I had the intention of posting a blog entry probably 3 or 4 times over the weekend but something always seemed to come up. Friday was a day off from school for the big boys and so I kept Oliver home as well. Luckily, a friend of Alexander's came over for a visit and he (so patiently) distracted Nicklas and Oliver as well. Saturday was filled with basketball and soccer (yes, I finally got to play as well!). Andreas and I had a spontaneous date night, courtesy of the sweet daughter of a good friend of mine who babysat. Not only does she like Lego, but she also plays Minecraft. Needless to say, she was a hit with the boys ;)
Today was more sports (swimming, basketball and more basketball). The basketball games today were a part of a fundraiser for the Montreal Children's Hospital so it was our pleasure to participate. Bonus was we won one of the raffle prizes :) The boys were really excited about that part!

Good week to you all xox

Next stop.... day off! ;)

Hanging out.. they are actually playing together on the same game

Cake for fika time ;)

Camouflage cat, taking advantage of a warmish day...

Date night!

Oliver at swimming

Cool dude at basketball, cheering on his brother

Nicka... action shot

Mini basketball player

Oliver action shot ;)


  1. It sounds like a rely fun, relaxing and very active weekend. Love all your photos of the weekend. :-)
    Have a rely nice week and remember, iit isn't about the quantity, but kvalitet ;-)

    1. Tak Catarina! It was VERY active ;) I am kind of glad to relax on Mondays ;)

  2. I am familiar with this kind of hang out and apparently play together. Times have changed en we go with the flow and regular throw in a old-fashioned game.
    How nice you went out together en having such a cool babysitter (what's in a name)!
    With a 16 year old at home we don't need babysitters anymore :-)
    Good week for you!

    1. Haha! I had to be very careful to call her "my helper" and not babysitter ;) Otherwise, offense may have been taken ;)
      Good week to you! xox