Monday, January 5, 2015

Ice, ice, baby.... first day of school...

Well, at least, *I* had a first day of school... and Oliver went back to daycare. Nicklas' and Alexander's school had no electricity so it was closed (yes, the ONLY school in the ENTIRE school board... how lucky for them @@) and Andreas decided to work from home. In short, after yesterday's storm: THERE WAS ICE ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE!!!! Seriously, I had some pretty good winter boots on and I couldn't walk on the sidewalks. It was actually a bit funny; everyone was shuffling around, one step forward and two big slides back ;) I have to say it was funny.... until people fell and hurt themselves. A friend of mine ended up in emergency today because she fell and hit her head, hard on the ice :( She seemed to be OK after all but, still, what a crappy start to the new school semester!
On the bright side (OK... I am trying to be positive), we made it to the BBC news! Ice storms in Canada and wild fires in Australia.... Those pathetic colonies! ;)

Hope you all have a great return to routine! XOX

Yups.... that is a bit of ice.... ;)

No way that these bikes are coming out until spring ;)


  1. I am already cold when I see your photos. Hope it will soon be less dangerous!
    Take care en warm your heart!

    1. Thank you, Ageeth! I need LOTS of heart warming! ;)

  2. It rely look cold and I can imagine that its not very easy to navigate in. Take care and enjoy the new week, with all whats its include. ;-)