Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wintery Wednesday

Today I got to work from home and actually get caught up with my courses :) What a luxury! This next week will actually be somewhat prepared. Also, on my "lunch break", I cleaned up the house. You know, sometimes, it is just the little things....
I hope that you all had a good week so far. It is very wintery here so I will just leave it at that.... Good evening! XOX

Welcome to Wintery Wednesday

Snow plow was here

Even the branches are not impressed...

I try to live by these words ;)

The Lego version of me.... winter style ;)


  1. Yes sometimes its just the little things that count and cleaning the house is one of the things, that can stress me if its not done. :-)
    Lovely photos of your Winter Wonder Land. :-D And thanks for the bit of snow we got here yesterday. :-D

    1. You are welcome! I can send you more, if you like ;)

  2. I whish you a good week too. Love the pictures and you can keep (most of) the snow ;-)
    Cleared and cleaned, I love it when it's done. I like the way it makes my head clean as well.

    1. I'll ship the snow to Catarina instead.... ;) You're off the hook! ;)

  3. It is funny how all the family mothers appreciate the clean houses.... I don't even know if my husband notices or not ;) The kids definitely do not care!