Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Today = too cold....

.... to even take a darn photo!!! When I went to pick up the boys, it was -24 C and dropping. I was NOT taking my gloves off ;) So, here is a picture (not taken by me) that is close to what the weather seemed like, including the rush hour traffic ;) Maybe there was a bit less sun..... Hope you are all staying warm! If you live in a friendlier climate, I am SO jealous. Enjoy it for me, please!!!! XOX


  1. Wooow, minus 24 degrees Celsius, that is dam colt... brrrr. I can't even imagine how cold it is. I'll send som of our warmth over to you ;-)

    1. Thank you... we need it ;) It actually got to -38 C last night with wind chill.... Brrrrrrrr!

  2. That is way too cold!!
    And how do you keep the spirit alive?