Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cosy day

We decided to keep it cosy today... The boys have been warned that we are taking their tablets away, come Tuesday and, after school starts, video games/Youtube will only be for weekends. So, today, they are definitely getting their fill ;) It suits me because it was my clean-til-I-get-absolutely-fed-up day and it was nice to be able to get it done without having to ref a bunch of fights!

Yesterday, Alexander's soccer team won their game so they are going straight to the finals. How exciting! We celebrated by getting together with some friends that we coach with (same family that we went camping with.... guess if they invited us back that they still like us, despite the camping). It was a late night but lots of fun, with great food and friends. I am going to miss the summer crowd!

Tomorrow is the last day off before we all return to school.... Wow! Where on earth did the time go?

Happy Sunday to you all!

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