Monday, September 1, 2014

Back to school...

Tomorrow is back to school. I used to LOVE going back to school! It was so exciting to wear new clothes, have new school supplies, see friends after the summer, find out who the new teacher was going to be... I loved it... at least for the first few weeks or so ;)
Flash forward to today.... my boys are absolutely dreading tomorrow :( I shouldn't say MY boys because all the other children (=only boys) that I saw today all said the same thing! Does anybody like to go back to school anymore? Or is it a boy thing?
Well.... I am excited for them tomorrow.... even after I had to label all their school supplies :)
Now MY first day back tomorrow? Now that is another thing..... ;)

Happy first day of school, if that may be your case.... or your kids'....!


  1. Its defiantly a boy thing :-)
    I to loved to god back to school whit new pencils and rubber, and getting the books rapt in nice paper.

    My sons just wanted the look through paper around the books and didn't care if the had new pencils ore not. ;-)

    1. Thanks for confirming that it may just be a boy-thing... I was feeling so "not cool" by getting so excited about the back to school routine :)