Saturday, September 20, 2014

More Montreal scenes

I drove by this mural on my way to work yesterday. Needless to say, I had to stop and take a picture. What a great ode to Montreal... from the bike (yes, we are actually starting to have a bicycle culture here) to the wagon with Mount Royal, Place Ville Marie (with the light on top) and, of course, BAGELS!! Location: Ste. Catherine and St. Marc :)

Had a great soccer party last night..... for me, not the boys ;) Not a hotdog in sight!!!! :) It was a great time! Now, today consists of chauffeuring the boys from one basketball evaluation to another (yes, we are now onto the winter sports!) and to a birthday party. Andreas is on a work-related retreat for the day... hmmm... smart guy to get himself invited to that!

Happy day to you all xox


  1. I sounds like tha boys had a super duper party yesterday :-)
    Montreal is turning into at little bit of Denmark - a miking nation :-)
    Have a lovely weekend :-)

    1. When I first visited Denmark from Montreal, the amount of cycling in DK really shocked me. Montreal was so far behind. Now, I find that people here are liking it for the same reasons as the Danes do! Only problem here is: 1) we have really crazy drivers; 2) we don't have the same amonut of bike paths; 3) some drivers haven't really accepted the biking culture and 4) OUR WINTERS ARE TERRIBLE ;)
      Jeg √łnsker dig en hyggelig weekend! Tak for bes√łget! ;)

  2. Then you have not been to the Netherlands! Everyone here has at least one bike.
    There will be a reason that many people cycle in flat countries ;-))
    I don't like cycling in the snow!!!

    1. Netherlands is my next hopeful destination! I have flown through Schipol more times than I can count but, unfortunately, never had the time to visit Amsterdam or any other city... For biking, flat countries rule :) We have quite a bit of hills here in Montreal but I guess you get used to it (or better at planning your biking routes). I agree- cycling in the snow is terrible! xx