Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pool party?

Yesterday (Saturday) was just a phenomenal day- so warm and summerlike! I took Oliver to a birthday party in the afternoon and it ended up with all the little boys going in the pool! It was actually that warm...
Today should be similar so, at least after some of the homework gets done, we will be heading back outside. We're expecting rain this evening and who knows what is coming up this week so I am grabbing every bit of sun today :) You will all get enough of me complaining of winter weather soon enough!
Happy day to all xox

September 27... not a bad date for a pool party!


  1. Wauw, that stil summer at your place and congratulation with Oliver :-)

    1. It just became summer again... I am not complaining! Thankfully, it wasn't Oliver's birthday (his is in May) so I just got to show up.. no stress ;) xox

  2. Save these days in your mind and let them flie in your head during awful, bad winterdays.
    I love the colors! And they are presents, we have such days now as well!