Saturday, September 6, 2014

Rain, rain....

It was very humid all day yesterday (30degrees C, feeling like 40).... until the thunder and lightning rolled in.... just as we were about to play our semi-final soccer game!!! :( What a let down! On the bright side, it is cooler and more bearable today. We've had lots of rain overnight and throughout the day so everything is very, very green! It is also kind of nice just to stay at home, especially after the crazy week that I/we just had!
Tomorrow, Alexander is playing in his soccer finals. Unfortunately, I am playing at exactly the same time! I hope that Andreas takes lots of pictures and that Alexander feels all the good wishes and love that I am sending from my game :) I'll let you all know how these games go! Please wish us luck! If my team wins, then we go to the finals!! Yah!
Happy Saturday to you all :)

Oliver's plant is getting a bit of a shower!

This whole plant (pumpkin) came from one small seed that Andreas planted in the spring!

Lots of rain!

Outside my house... we warned you ;)

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  1. All the best of luck for the games and hopefully your hubby takes lots go photos. :-)