Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New finds

After the chaos of yesterday, I was a bit relieved that our tutorial session ended a bit early today (thank you, students!). Since I had to wait to pick up the boys, I treated myself to a trip to the local thrift shop. Just to repeat myself: I LOVE THRIFT SHOPS!!!! You never know what you are going to find :) Today, I picked up some retro looking items: a small yellow vase, a wooden tray with a paisley design and a cool brown/blue flower pot. With a coffee in hand, it was a great way to unwind after what had started as a pretty crappy week :)

Anyone else into thrift shops or am I just strange?

Have a great rest of the day xox


  1. I love thriftshops as well. I get a sense of excitement when I step inside. I search voor sixties and seventies stuff (in orange, purple, green and brown).

  2. I'm rely not that good with thrift shops - its like I get confused of all the things they have and then I end up with nothing. :-)
    But I rely love the things that you found yesterday :-)