Sunday, September 28, 2014

Goofy kid

Oliver started his swimming lessons again. This time, he gets to do this activity all by himself, like a big boy. Usually, he has been tagging along on the bigger boys' activities but, this time, we decided that Alexander and Nicklas have enough with their basketball and they are already pretty good swimmers. Oliver gets to have some special time where he isn't the midget ;)

Here is the little man in action....


  1. Ahh he is a cuti and good for him to be "on his ovn" and feel like he is special :-)

  2. We also keep that in mind with our third, youngest son. And give him regular one to one attention. He often walks on his toes and that means something.
    In my country swimming lessons are a normal part of parenting as well!. Good job and Oliver looks happy!