Thursday, September 11, 2014

SO wrong... aka we have it SO good!

Thankfully this is not in Montreal... but I feel SO bad for my friends living in Calgary! What did they get over the last few days??? SNOW! Lots and lots of SNOW :( That is so wrong, on multiple levels, especially since they just had the longest winter ever! So I am sending all Calgarians my best, warm thoughts.... and hoping that you keep the snow over there ;)

Picture of Calgary on September 9, 2014.... thanks to the Weather Network for the nightmare pic!


  1. I send warmth from Europe as well! Thats enough snow for all of us for the rest of the winter, so...

    1. That is usually what we have in January.... but September? Yuck!

  2. Ohh my Good, that is rely early also to early for my opinion :-(