Monday, September 8, 2014

Treats.... all about winning and losing.....

Yesterday's soccer results: our team lost (1-0) so we were eliminated from the playoffs. This despite the sweet personalized message on my coffee cup from my local Starbucks dude- guess he felt sorry for the middle age soccer nut ;)  Alexander's team, however, won and became the league champions for his age category! SO, of course, we had to get a treat to 1) cheer ME up and 2) to celebrate Alexander's win! We took the boys to their favourite (who am I kidding? ANDREAS' favourite) candy shop :) When we got back from our outing, I got to sit in the late afternoon sun and enjoy a Carlsberg... now that is a treat!

Happy week to all!

My pre-playoff game Starbuck's coffee :)

Heaven on earth for my boys ;)

Life is good!


Ahhh..... ;)


  1. Any excuse for a party or treat is a good one!

  2. Sucker party :-) I would have loved to join :-)