Monday, August 11, 2014

City beaches

Nicka's soccer party was held at a park, not far from our house. It is pretty amazing that something so close to a city like Montreal can look like it is far off in the country! We had a great time on the "beach" at this park, especially Oliver. If there is green, gooey stuff in the water, tons of sand and big bags of chips then he is in heaven. The other boys had lots of fun, playing soccer in the sand. Andreas and I had a beer..... 'nuff said. All this and only 30 minutes outside of Montreal! I absolutely love the city green space. It is so important for the quality of life around here and so worth keeping. Let's hear it for the city beach!

Happy Monday to you all!

Happy day!


  1. Thats rely a grate spot you have near you and yes, its so nice to have "breathing holes" like this close to where one lives, especially when you live in a city. :-)

  2. I love it there! I also remember a lot of these types of places in Denmark!