Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ice cream happiness

We had a deal.... if the boys scored a goal during their last soccer game, we would go out for ice cream. Alexander scored one and Nicka scored two! As for Oliver, well let's just say that we got him to run... that is already something ;) Now Andreas and I had to keep up our end of the bargain so we let the boys pick their "dream" ice cream (= somthing that we don't usually let them order). We compensated by taking a walk around the village where the ice cream shop is. It was a lovely evening...

See you later!

One EXCITED boy!


Chocolate milk shake!

Andreas too!

Kung Foo Fighter ;)

Cosy window

Main street... boys up ahead!


  1. Hi hi, I can imagine that they rely gave everything what the hat in them to trie to score a goal whit that deal. :-D I would have done the same, cause thous ice rams looks absolutely amazing. ;-)

    1. It was really good- Andreas and I were really lucky because we got ours without having to score goals ;) Benefit of being the parent!!