Thursday, August 21, 2014

Camping survivorship ;)

We had a lovely 4 days of camping... yes, I actually said that! Although camping is not my first choice for a holiday (hmm... nice hotel off a beach, maybe? Trip to Paris? Greece? Copenhagen?), it was nice. We went to Sandbanks Provincial Park in Ontario and I really recommend it, especially if you are bringing kids... or multiple kids ;) Great beaches, family friendly camping sites and it is close to a really cute little town (Picton) for emergency supply pick up ;) We went with another family and it was great- the kids all entertained themselves (SERIOUS kid tornado), allowing the adults to enjoy a bit of mamma/pappa juice and a few moments of relative sanity ;) Only bad thing = really, really stinky outhouses!!!! This is coming from 2 mothers who changed the diapers of 7 kids total :P

It IS nice, though, to come home, shower and ditch the homeless person status ;)


  1. Rely rely nice photos from your camping trip and you curvived it all. ;-)
    I love camping as much as I love nice hotels, its another relaxing for go holiday and lying in a tent is almost like lying in nature itself. :-)

  2. Thanks, Catarina! I always get stuck between little boys who take up WAY too much room and, in a tent, it is particularly bad. I would love a hotel with a super king size bed... or one all to myself :)