Friday, August 22, 2014

Winding down

It just really struck me today.... summer is winding down and school is starting very soon. I mean, I knew that this was the case but, today, it really struck me. The boys are dressed in their sweat pants, Oliver is back to full time daycare and I have spent the day organizing my fall semester classes. I am wearing a long sleeve shirt and jeans. The fans are all off. The air smells differently. Yes- summer is definitely winding down...

I am a bit sad and a bit excited, all at the same time...


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    1. I can't give you the right link to my blogpost. So you can Google "blog ogenzalf" (blogpost; sunlight) if you want.
      I like to read your blog as a mother of 3 boys (and a male husband)!.

    2. Hi Ageeth! I will definitely come by your blog and visit!! Sounds like I will understand your situation ;) Thanks for stopping by..

    3. Haha! I just saw you on Brinja's blog... fantastic!

  2. I have it the exact way Celena - sad and exceeded at he same time. But mostly sad - cause I rely love summer and not so much the wet and windy autumn.