Saturday, August 2, 2014

Visit with friends

This evening we had a lovely dinner, catching up with friends. They are fantastic hosts and the food was amazing. Having 3 boys in the family, I can't help but feel a little bit like a tornado (a lot like a tornado) when we go to other peoples' houses- well, at least those who have less than 3 kids.... those that have 3 kids+ I don't have any sympathy for ;) Anyway, the family that we visited tonight has a sweet son who is so calm and patient.... and then we show up!!!!!!!! BANG!!!!!! Poor kid ;)

In case this family is reading this blog, thanks for the lovely evening! It is always great to get together. Hope your new lawn mower doesn't run over any of the darts that Oliver might have left lying around your back yard!

Yummy Tiramisu!

Flower garden

Lakrids they are not olives ;)

Oliver playing darts :P Maybe not a good match!! Blurry pic = Oli cheering his dart skills ;)

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