Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Turnip time

Andreas planted some turnips (amongst other vegetables) in our garden this spring. I love when we get to harvest-and use- them! The latest bounty (?) is our turnips. Actually, there was also a green pepper but Oliver started to eat it before I could take a picture of it ;) I am excited to make a soup, with the turnips. Wow- something the kids actually like!

Yesterday was a busy day.. yes, that is my sort of apology for not blogging yesterday :(  I am trying to get my work-work done before heading off on a mini camping holiday. That will be a totally different blog entry: my honest thoughts on camping with kids ;) I am also trying to stick to my summer resolution of cleaning out every room in our house... urgh! Not my favourite thing to do!

Have a great day!


  1. Thoes turnips looks grate. :-)
    Camping with kids, is for me/us the best vacations you can have. Is such a relaxing vacation for all of us, and we have loved all those years we have done so. :-D

  2. Hi Catarina! I just hate packing... and that always seems to be my job ;) The boys have never gone camping so I am curious to see how it goes ;)