Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pancake breakfast

This morning, Andreas made Swedish style pancakes for breakfast. I like to make them too but, for some reason, his turn out better. Maybe it is genetic? ;) The boys were super happy... and presently on a pancake/maple syrup high...

We are enjoying a rare Saturday where no one has a soccer game scheduled!!! I took advantage of the morning to clean out our downstairs bedroom for Alexander (could it be that he actually wants to have his own bedroom now???) and get some much needed house clearing done. Do you ever have a day where all you want to do is get rid of things and clean out the extra stuff? All of a sudden, you look around and think "Man, we have a lot of crap!". Today was one of my days like that!

This afternoon, we are going to visit some friends that we haven't seen in a long while. I am really looking forward to it!

Happy weekend to all :) I may be back later... I owe an extra post from yesterday (bad me!)...

Happy boys... photo courtesy of Andreas...


  1. Umm, I love thin pancakes and that wit sugar or jam ore soft ice. :-D

    1. I had jam... I agree.... yummmmm :) Hope you are having a great weekend!